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Pro Floor Supply sells an extensive list of machine parts to get your machine up and running again. Parts are organized by machine so you can easily find what you are looking for. As always, contact us for further assistance with picking your products.
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Under Radiator Paper Retainer Bolt Bostitch Switch Cap1512-OF Large Alligator Clip Cover
Hitachi Brush Set Two Wire 9' Power Cord Three Wire 9' Power Cord
Hitachi Brush Set
Our Price: $11.50
Two Wire 9' Power Cord
Our Price: $12.60
Three Wire 9' Power Cord
Our Price: $12.60
6001-2RS 6201-2RS Bearing Bona Edge / Viking Brush Holder Cap
6001-2RS Bearing
Our Price: $13.52
6201-2RS Bearing
Our Price: $17.06
American Sanders  DU-8 Brush American Sanders  Slip Joint Nut Crain Black Switch
Crain Black Switch
Our Price: $28.52
Under Radiator Jack Shaft Crain 812 Switch Assembly Primatech Head Cover P240, P250
Under Radiator Jack Shaft
Our Price: $29.35
Crain 812 Switch Assembly
Our Price: $30.42
Primatech Head Cover P250 after version V143 Crain 820 825 brush set Bostitch Pressure Switch
Crain 820 825 brush set
Our Price: $35.69
Bostitch Pressure Switch
Our Price: $42.11
Bona Edge and Viking Brush Holder Primatech Q550 drive blade assembly Q993N OBS-18DC Black Grip Face
OBS-18DC Black Grip Face
Our Price: $67.99
5” steel Velcro disc 1/8” thick set of 6 6” steel Velcro disc 1/8” thick set of 4 60 Amp Booster Switch
60 Amp Booster Switch
Our Price: $141.75
American Sanders FM Series Grey Wheel Kit American Sanders  40 UF, 370V Capacitor FA-8 abrader drum 46 grit
FA-8 46 Grit Abrader Drum
Our Price: $270.00
Reconditioned Deva Expandable Drum Megacoach_vacuum Clarke Hydrasand
Proteam Mega Vacuum
Our Price: $472.50
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